Day #89 - Swim Cold, Die Hard

After yesterday's adrenaline filled day, you would expect us to take it easy today - and we did! Our muscles weren't too sore after all that paddling which surprised us. So we had a nice lazy morning chilling in bed and watching the last of The Hobbit trilogy films.

Afterwards, we took a walk down to the nearby shores of Lake Wakatipu which is New Zealand's longest lake with a length of 50 miles (80 km). It's very deep too. Its floor is below sea level (−110 meters), and has a maximum depth of 420 metres (1,380 ft). It's also very beautiful and the crystal clear waters very inviting on this hot summer's day.
So, of course, James went for a swim. The other attribute of the lake that is important, is that is it is a glacial fed lake which means its waters are very cold which is why it was just James that took a swim. I paddled!
Fun fact: Lake Wakatipu doubled as the Scottish Loch Ness in the 2007 film The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. Inevitably, like a lot of New Zealand's scenery, it also featured in Lord of the Rings. In this case, several scenes in The Fellowship of the Ring, including Amon Hen.
Post walk and swim, we popped to the local shopping centre and supermarket for some supplies. James' pasta dish from the other night is still going strong, but it was felt it needed a few extras to refresh it for tonight's meal.
We took in another film in the evening which we watched with Jo and Simon and their oldest son - Die Hard. There was of course the discussion about is this a Christmas film or not but it didn't really matter since it still stands the test of time. Released in 1988 (can you believe!) it's 35 years old - older than Bruce Willis when he made it!
A simple day today. Tomorrow is going to be a bit more action packed!