Day #87 - Easy Like Sunday Mornings

Guess what? Today is a lazy day! Being a Sunday and being with a family, being chilled and relaxed was the order of the day.
So after a bit of morning pottering, James decided to make everyone his "famous" Carbonara dish - pasta, cheese sauce plus whatever else is to hand, but ham essential!
Post pasta lunch saw us snuggle on the bed for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
I am sure many of you know that these films take a large chunk of your day to watch, so that kept us entertained for quite a while. However, things got even more exciting after the movie since I then decided, after putting if off for far too long, it was time to start working on my tax return for the year! So that was the rest of my afternoon taken care of! James couldn't handle the excitement and so popped off to the local supermarket (we really ought to sign up to their loyalty card; we're there so much!) for supplies. 
This evening we were treated to a Sunday roast! How we've missed these! Our lovely hosts prepared a beautiful chicken roast complete with yummy roast potatoes and lovely veg. We sat outside in the warm evening sun to enjoy the meal. So excited was I, that I forgot to take a photo to share with you - I was too focused on the lovely food! So instead, here's another lovely view taken from where we're staying!