Day #147 - Time to Come Home

Yesterday was technically our last day as today is the day we fly home. However, our flight isn't until 23:15 so we do have a full day still in Singapore, even if we have to be at the airport for a large part of it. 
So, after breakfast we packed everything up for the last time, weighed the suitcases and checked out of the room. 
The concierge was able to look after our bags as we headed back up to the rooftop pool after vacating the room, so that we could spend the middle of the day swimming, relaxing, having a drink and a snack (shared a burger) and most importantly, watching the last episode of True Blood (yes, we made it through all seven seasons!).
As we sat there, precipice of "normal" life again getting closer and closer, we reflected some more on the countless sunrises, sunsets, and moments in between. We also have had to start dealing with issues back at home in preparation for our return (reinstating broadband, reinsuring the car etc.) which has been less fun to think about! 
As many people reading this will know, Singapore's airport is one of a kind and is easily worth a day trip in itself. So rather than head to the airport three hours before the flight as usual, we headed there mid-afternoon to ensure we had plenty of time to enjoy the weird and wonderful things the airport has to offer. 
On arriving, the first fun thing we saw was a sculpture called Kinetic Rain - a every changing display of suspended copper raindrops. It was quite mesmerizing.
We didn't want to be lumbered with our suitcases for the rest of the day, so it was fortunate that we were able to secure an early baggage check-in and send our suitcases off down the conveyor belt of mystery, hopefully to be seen again in the UK. 
The airport had four terminals and each one has its own collection of wonders - art displays, attractions, activities and hundreds of shops and restaurants - but what most come to the airport to see is what's housed in a separate (but integrated) building called The Jewel. It is in here you see one of the most impressive sights - the huge rain oculus waterfall. 
Running around the top level of this amazing building is a series of attractions - a hedge maze, topiary walk, net climbing, slides, lookout points and a glasswalk bridge. 
There are five floors (or more - we lost count) of shops and restaurants in The Jewel and so we were able to kill quite a few hours marvelling at this airport, wondering why can't every airport be like this! 
Then, the time came for us to head to the departure gate and make our way to the aircraft. Passport control and security checks went smoothly so with an abrupt change of location, we were sat awaiting boarding which came all too soon - neither of us really wanted this adventure to end. But end it must. 

I'll update this blog with some more memories and updates once we are back home, but for now, we must fly!