Day #142 - One Last Time

Time to relocate for the last time. Our final hotel and our final country.  Today we fly to Singapore for five nights before we return home. 

The day started with some time in our villa to reflect and to relax and we both got a bit emotional as we looked around at the beauty that surrounded us. We are very aware of how lucky we are to have had this opportunity, one that has given us both so much. We know that we are better for the trip and better as a couple. And while we are sad it's coming to an end, we are so very grateful for all that we have been able to experience and enjoy. 

We enjoyed our breakfast as always and then said our goodbyes, first to some of the guests we had made friends with and then to the lovely staff that have got to know us during our stay and who looked after us so well. 

The taxi to the airport was a short ride of about 30 mins and we arrived in plenty of time. The airport reminded us of the one in Kona, Hawaii since it comprised of a series of buildings with large parts of it outdoors. 

The check-in hall (above) and the cafes and shops (left & right)
We had to do a bit of reorganising of our luggage before this flights since the airline's checked luggage allowance was a whole 3kg less than all the other flights we had been on. This mean that our rucksacks were now heavier than our suitcases which seems ironic! This airport also had something we had not come across before. Once you had dropped your checked in luggage off and it disappeared down the belt, you had to wait for it to be screened. If your case then appeared on a monitor (as James' did) you were then called into the office for further investigation. In this case, James had mispacked his battery pack - should have been in his hand luggage. 
The departure lounge was inside and thankfully air conditioned, but still rather warm. A nice touch was there were complimentary bottles of water and cookies to keep us going until boarding.
When we were called, there was another quirky aspect awaiting us. Most of us have taken a bus from the departure gate to the aircraft steps - well waiting for us was a little electric tram, just like you get at theme parks! 
It took several of these trams to take the plane load of passengers to the aircraft and each time it took a few minutes to get everyone on board. The thing was, it was literally a 20 meter walk to the plane from the departure gate! It would have been quicker for all of us to have walked there!
Once in the air, we had a lovely flight and lunch was a rather delicious curry with red velvet cake for dessert. 
On arriving in Singapore, we had to go through the tedious immigration process which was all online and involved us wrestling with an iPad. Luckily there were some very helpful and very efficient staff members on hand to help us. 
Once through all that, it was a 30 minute taxi ride to our downtown hotel and we could once again relax in more beautiful surroundings. 
It is strange to be back in a city (our last time was Bangcock on Day #122) and in a hotel that isn't thatched or covered with palm trees! Nevertheless, our last hotel is a statement in luxury and comfort.
I was in heaven since the room came with an iPad that controls everything - the lights, the TV, room service. I definitely want one of these in my next house! 
Of course, we had to give the room service a try (Beef Rangdam and Asian Chicken) but we were so hungry that we neglected to take a photo for you - sorry). 
After that, you know the drill by now! Netflix and chill (True Blood - we're into the penultimate season. Can we finish before we come home?!).