Day #141 - Time for a Bath

Our last full day in Koh Samui today and we wanted to really enjoy the resort and have another quiet day today. 

Whether it's the tranquility of this place or the fact our trip is nearing its end, something is encouraging us to take things easy and just relax. Who are we to argue?

So again, it was a day of pool, Netflix, drinks and lovely food. The hotel was busier than normal this morning since a party of about 40 cruise ship passengers were spending the morning with us as part of their tour of the area. This did mean we couldn't get our usual seats, which gave us the opportunity to try out the view from the restaurant's balcony overlooking the pool. 

We did finally try out the huge outdoor circular bathtub which took an age to fill but once it did, it was surprisingly comfortable for us to enjoy together and we lovely just sitting there chatting and reminiscing about all the other amazing places we have been. 

In the evening we did invite the friends we made at the bar last night over for dinner at the resort restaurant. It was nice to have guests over as it were and to have a good meal and conversation. Naturally, we showed off our villa and pool which does have the extra wow factor when  lit up at night.

After they left, it was time to sleep before we travel to our last hotel. 

Here are some random picture of the hotel I took as a reminder.