Day #140 - Nothing to See Here

View of our Resort from the Pontoon
Lazy day again today. Just pool, food, sleep, Netflix, chat and those time-sucking word games on the phone! 
It was another hot day today, so we were glad to be able to jump in and out of the pools when things got a bit too hot. We bounced between time in our villa and time beside the main pool where we chatted to other guests occasionally and of course took advantage of the refreshing drinks on offer. 
As the end of our trip in on the horizon, we have been doing a bit of reflecting about the whole experience. We know that people are going to ask us, "What's been the best bit?" or "What's your favourite place?". Such questions are hard to answer because many of the places we really enjoyed are hard to compare - we loved on place for one aspect, another place for something else. We've also been asking ourselves, which places we would return to and which ones we feel we had seen enough. I hope to include the answers to these questions in the blog when we're back - if nothing else, for our future information.
Nothing much else to say about today except it has been another day of relaxing bliss!