Day #137 - Pool, Swim, Eat. Repeat.

We woke up just before dawn - not preplanned, just did. And so what do you do when right next to a beach at dawn? Go and see the sunrise!

So today started with a beautiful short sunrise walk along the beach right in front of our villa.

The beach has such fine, golden sand and due to the shallow shoreshelf, the waves lapping the shore are gentle and rhythmic.
Naturally, we grabbed some classic tropical sunrise pictures.

Afterwards, we had a lovely breakfast. The buffet here is as amazing as you'd expect with lovely range of savoury and sweet dishes.
Next on the agenda was - nothing! Today we designated as a relax day, one to just enjoy the resort, our villa and each other's company.
So we hoped from poolside to poolside, daybed to sunbed, restaurant to bar and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves chilling.
Once while we were in our private villa, we had an unexpected visitor. We were suddenly joined by the most adorable and friendly dog.

Of course my first thought was "rabies"! but while caution is still needed, this was clearly a well looked after dog. We suspected he had wandered away from his owner from the beach and now couldn't get back because the jump back down to the beach was too far. So, there was nothing else to do but for me to give him a fireman's style lift back down. Back on the sand, he trotted away quite happily without even looking back to say thank you!
Time was also spent today making a video for you all of our villa now that it was daylight. Hope you enjoy:

Before long it was dinner time and after dinner we felt Iike a movie. We settled on The Beach since we were where they filmed it last week and we didn't see it when our resort in Phi Phi showed it (see Day#133).