Day #134 - Back to the Mainland

Another mini- transit day today as we had to relocate to our next resort. We have really loved our time at the CoCo Phi Phi Beach Resort and our poolside bamboo bungalow.However, before we left, there was time for another lovely breakfast, a swim and a farewell hug to our Norwegian friends, Elin and Pål who were also leaving for a new hotel.
The first step in our journey to our new place involved catching a speedboat ferry back to Krabi on the mainland. The hotel very kindly had a porter transport our bags to the quayside and then it was a short wait before we were zipping across the blue waters.

We weren't returning to the pier that we left Krabi from, but a different one further around the coast. We were told this was the same one that we needed for our next boat, but it turns out, it wasn't!

So, rather than walk 25 mins in the searing heat with all our luggage, we jumped into a lovely air-conditioned taxi which took us to the right pier for our next connection.
We were due to catch the hotel's ferry boat from this pier and we had booked the half past one trip. However, we arrived and hour before this and the boat was already waiting for us. We were so relieved we didn't have to wait in the heat and so once again found ourselves bouncing across the water in a speedboat.
We have taken a fair few boat rides during this incredible trip, but this boat is definitely the poshest one yet! We did feel like VIPs, especially because of the quality of service from the hotel staff.

Arriving at our new hotel was definitely an experience not to be forgotten. Stepping off of the luxury boat directly onto golden sand and then into a beautiful lobby was amazing. We were greeted with a refreshing cool fruit drink and iced hand towels to rejuvenate us. Rather than a check-in desk, we were asked to take a seat and our own personal member of staff joined us to take us through the necessary admin and orientation.
The resort comprises of around 90 two storey pavilions, set among a tropical forest beside a sweeping beach. Even though the orientation we had explained the layout of the place and the path network, we opted for the safer choice and took a chauffeured golf cart ride to our accommodation. When we arrived, we were blown away.
After enjoying our new home for a bit (you have to play around with all the new toys and features right?!) we explored the resort more and took a swim in the huge pool that overlooks the beach while the monkeys played in the trees overhead. We took up residency on some sun loungers that the pool attendant prepared for us with towels and iced water. We really did feel we were in paradise once again.
The huge pool. The second largest of our trip. 

The beach in front of the pool as the sun set.
Before we knew it, it was time to change for dinner. It is that kind of resort where you feel the need to change for dinner! We headed to one of the three restaurants on site and enjoyed the most spectacular meal - James had seven hour roasted lamb and I opted for the beef. Both were melt-in-your-mouth tender and full of flavour. All of this deliciousness was accompanied by a live trio playing a classic selection of easy listening tunes - Barry Manilow classics featured heavily!

Satisfied, we retired to our pavilion to watch some telly together. The room had been turned down for the night by the attentive staff, complete with chocolates! Sadly, even though we have two televisions in the apartment, connecting to Netflix wasn't an option, so we snuggled in bed around the laptop. The HUGE bed allowed us to really spread out and relax!