Day #131 - Relax - I'll Never Let You Go!

Phi Phi island is often referred to as the party island. It attracts the young and young at heart to its beach bars, pool parties and late night gatherings under the starry sky. People dance on the golden sands into the early hours - which is great if you're not the one trying to sleep! Being a small island, the party bars are found at one end of one of the bays, our resort is at the other end. So not too far for the sound to travel! 
In fairness, the booking site did warn us that there maybe some noise audible from other establishments and the room did come with complementary ear-plugs (I kid you not!). However, while the noise was a distraction, it ends at 2:30am and James and I were able to get to sleep well before then. In fact James only woke up in the night when the music stopped! 
So come morning, we woke beautifully refreshed. The view from our bungalow entrance, across the pool and onto the sea was a wonderful sight. We both enjoyed a morning dip in the pool (it is the right temperature for me for once!) before breakfast - another wonderful spread of everything (including cake!) you could imagine for breakfast, but with a Thai flavour running through everything. 
After breakfast, we took a walk into town. The shape of the island is a little like a capital H with a truncated left acender. The narrow connecting strip of land creates two horseshoe shapped bays, one on either side. This area is also where everything happens - the parties on one side of this strip, the shopping and boat trips on the other. 
We had a lovely stroll around and did a circular walk taking in the shopping side on the way out and then the beach front on the way back. It was clear to see where all the noise was coming from last night!
Back at our resort, we had a lovely treat lined up for the afternoon - a Thai massage. The hotel has set up a sheltered platform overlooking the beach and sea, from which a group of talented ladies offer massages throughout the day. We opted for a full body, coconut oil massage with stretching. 
It's very hard to put into words the tranquil, blissful state we both ended up in during our time under their skillful hands, but words like serene, calm, chilled and full relaxation come to mind. The oils made our skin feel amazing and our muscles easily said goodbye to the tension they were holding onto. During the stretching sequence, we were bent and pulled into different shapes to really get a deep release in the joints and tendons. Funny sidenote: next to the massage platform there is a building being demonslished by hand, so every now and again, I wasn't sure if it was my joints cracking or another piece of wall coming down! 
After such a calm experience, we chilled out even more with another dip in the pool followed by time in the room with TV and chat. 
Each evening at our resort, they erect a screen and show a movie. Tonight was Titanic. Even though we've both seen it several times, we couldn't resist the idea of watching a sinking ship film while being in the pool!
So that's what we did! I have to confess, by the end of the film when Rose and Jack are freezing in the Atlantic waters, I was a little cold myself! You could call it an immersive experience!😂
And then it was time for bed, but not before a little more True Blood. I hope we can finish all the seasons before we return home.