Day #129 - The Doctor Will See You Now

Our first night in our luxury Krabi hotel was a difficult one to say the least. Our room was beautiful, the bed amazingly comfy, the noise minimal - so not the fault of our environment. It was more a case of our circumstances, in particular James' battle with whatever sickness he was wrestling with.

As he writhed around in the night flip-flopping between hot flushes and  cold sweats, it became clear that our first priority in the morning was going to be getting him to a doctor. 

Thankfully, there were periods in the night where he was able to sleep and while that brought relief, waking up in cold, damp sheets due to the sweats wasn't pleasant at all. 

So on arising, James took to the pool to revive himself and then we had breakfast - neither of us really focusing on what delights were on offer; we were both tired and James certainly wasn't in the mood for food. Nevertheless, we ate something to keep us going. 

The lady at the concierge desk was very helpful and booked us a taxi toa local medical centre. While we waited another lady at the excursion desk was equally helpful in booking us a taxi and ferry for tomorrow's relocation to the island of Phi Phi (more on that tomorrow). 

The taxi to the medical centre arrived and the driver was very helpful and sympathetic as she took us along the main road in Krabi to a small doctor's clinic. The centre didn't open until 10am and we arrived about quarter past to find a short queue of patients in front of us. 

The receptionist took our details and listened to James'' symptoms before we were asked to take a seat. A little later a nurse came and took some basic measurements (heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure etc.) and after another wait, it was time to see the doctor. By this stage James was decidedly looking worst for wear and was an odd greeny-gray colour! Which reminds me, must by those tickets for Wicked. 

The doctor listened to what was going on with James' health and ordered some blood tests to find out more and an IV to replenish fluids.

We were dispatched to another tool where James could lie down and a nurse fitted him up with an IV drip. Happy to be lying down again, it wasn't long before James was asleep. He was awoken to receive an antibiotic shot in the bum (insert your own prick in the arse joke here) and before long colour came back to his cheeks and he started to feel better. The doctor reported that the blood tests were all fine - no malaria, no typhoid. Red blood cells were high indicating there was an infection of some sort going on.

So after packing up off with a bunch of medication and a £250 bill, we headed back to the hotel in a taxi that was a cross between a VW pickup and a 70's fairground ride. 

Back at the hotel, we went back to the room and rested, took the medication and slept. 

On waking, James felt so much better - he was like a new man. He even was able to enjoy a whole burger for a late lunch - the first full meal he's eaten in quite a while. We also spent time in the pool and took advantage of its swim-up-bar (I do love a bar in a pool!)

Feeling so much better he then suggested we take a walk along the beach, to do some shell collection. The beach here is lovely and very picturesque. James was able to add to his collection of shells which added to his feeling of restored happiness. 

Our evening meal was light since we had a big lunch. It was great to see James with his appetite back. Let's hope the worst of this infection is behind us and he has a good night's sleep tonight, ready for our next mini-transit day tomorrow.