Day #126 - In Sickness and In Health

Sadly today was a very similar day to yesterday. Not sad because of the lovely location and resort we're in, but because James was still feeling the effects of "Thailand Tummy". So any plans to go and explore some of the amazing sights near us were once again put on hold as we spent the day in the resort.

I did venture out however, to go and find some medicine for James. The helpful folk at reception suggested I went to the local health care centre. So I got on one of the resort bikes and headed out to find it (Google Maps really is a 21st Century essential!). I didn't photograph my journey, so I will illustrate it with images from Google Street View. I am a Google fan aren't I?

As I headed down the road, up ahead I saw a dog resting on one of the shrines that you see in almost every garden. As I approached, the dog jumped up, barked and then started chasing me! All I could think of was "rabid dog" and "don't get bit"! I pedalled as fast as I could which on a bike that hadn't been serviced in years, with loose handlebars and a wobbly front wheel was easier said than done! Also, the road wasn't the most even, so I did fear I might come a cropper at any moment and be eaten alive by the roadside. I may be exaggerating for dramatic effect but nonetheless, I definitely wanted to be shot of that dog. Eventually it gave up the chase and let me continue on my way.
I arrived at the medical centre, thankfully not needing any medical attention myself and was greeted by two ladies at their desks behind computers. As I walked in, they could tell that I not their usual customer!

Rather than try to explain what I was after using any form of English and associated gestures (what is the correct, non-offensive gesture for diarrhea?) I had wisely used another of Google's essential 21st Century tools - Google Translate - to prewrite my request.

The first lady read it and seemed to miss the key information that it wasn't me that was sick since she wanted my name, height, weight, age etc. All of the conveyed by her pointing and the scales, the height chart, name badge and so on! After a discussion with her colleague, a doctor was summoned who thankfully was able to speak some English.

After reading my request and asking a few questions, I was asked to sit as the doctor went away. She came back after 10 minutes or so with some simple medication and explained to me its dosage. When I presented her with a 1000 baht note to pay for the pills that cost 100, her face was one of pure displeasure. I surmised they didn't carry change! Luckily, there was a Seven Eleven over the road, so I popped over, brought a few random items and came back with more appropriate notes.

On the cycle back, I had no choice but to head past the rabid dog's territory. I built up my speed on my approach and whizzed past so fast if the dog had been there, I would have been a blur!

I returned to the patient and administered the medication (basically Buscopan and Turmeric drink) along with some good old paracetamol. Fingers crossed.

We continued watching TV until it was time for dinner. By this stage James was feeling more like his old self and so we ventured out back to Angel's restaurant - the lovely lady whose taxi service we had used and were planning to use for our trips out. She was helping us with our transportation to our next destination tomorrow and so we wanted to finalise arrangements.

We had a lovely meal and a drink or two - even if my very butch Pina Colada was served in a totally inappropriate glass!

Here's hoping tomorrow James will be feeling better for our journey south.