Day #125 - Best Laid Plans of Nice Men

To misquote Robert Burns, our best laid schemes for today unravelled. Having succumb to Bali Belly myself (see Day #107) it is now James' turn to endure Thailand Tummy. 

We had planned and booked a lovely trip out to a famous locus pond (or swamp and the locals refer to it - not as romantic as we'd like!).  It's a beautiful freshwater lake known for its stunning lotus flowers that bloom between February and March - so we were hoping that we might have been lucky and seen some early bloomers. 

As you can see from this picture I grabbed off the net, the pond is framed by spectacular mountains making it popular spot for tourists eager to see some of Thailand's natural beauty. The boardwalk adds a very photogenic element as well.
Oh well, another destination to add to the "See It Next Time" list!
Even if we were able to make it to the pond, the views might not have been that spectacular since today was a day rain. During the night the heavens opened and didn't stop. It was just like one of those rainshower showerhead had been left on in the sky. The rain came straight down (no wind), it was warm and dense. The patios around our villa became one large puddle. When daylight came, the rain still continued its assault and didn't surrender to sunshine until mid-afternoon.  
Our Resort's Restaurant
Nevertheless, our day was still enjoyable (as much as it can be when you're needing to be within 10 feet of a loo) because we were able to enjoy our lovely resort and chill together watching some quality TV, having some lovely meals (light soup for James) and relaxing in the pool.
Hopefully James will feel better tomorrow, fingers crossed.