Day #124 - He Sees Seashells - and jellyfish!

Since we had planned some activities for tomorrow, we decided today would be a quiet day enjoying our new home.

However, before breakfast, James wanted to hit the beach to see what shells might have been washed up on the overnight tide, so we took a short bike ride to the shore. 

Yes, I know this is low tide, but I didn't take a picture! Using one from yesterday!

What we had neglected to take into account is that the tide patterns are different here and while we were expecting a low tide, what we actually got was a high one! Despite this, we walked along the shore for a good kilometer or so and James managed to add a few shells to his collection. On the way, did have to step over a few jellyfish that had got washed up. These were about the size of a car tyre, so certainly the biggest I've seen. 

On our return we enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the outdoor restaurant which was a simple affair compared to the extensive breakfast buffet we enjoyed in Bangkok, but nonetheless, still delicious and good value. We both enjoyed sausages, beans, eggs, toast, fruit, yoghurt and juice.

The rest of the day was split between the usual activities of swimming, eating, blogging, surfing and scrolling the web and chatting/laughing!

James did head back out to the beach in the afternoon to see what might have come in on the tide. He took these photos and came back with a nice collection of shells, including some Shark's Eyes that he likes and a spiky Murex trapa. 

In the evening we headed to a steakhouse restaurant not far from where we are staying. The decor was certainly dramatic and bold! We loved the Easter Island napkin holders and the spectacular chairs and table made out of huge banyan tree roots. The food was good although the service was incredibly slow. 

On our return to our villa, we crashed in front of the TV before retiring for the night. As I said a simple day!