Day #120 - Bye Bye Bali

Today was our last full day in Bali and we woke to rain! 
The heavens were sending down a torrent of rain that was as refreshing as it was intense. However, after an hour or two, normality was restored and we ended up with a lovely cool, pleasant day. 
We didn't have any plans for today, other than to enjoy the hotel and to relax. So, like we have done before on such days, we alternated between the pool, TV, reading and chatting.

Our two and a half weeks in Bali have etched themselves onto our souls, painting a vibrant tapestry of memories woven with golden sunsets, verdant rice paddies, and the smiles of a thousand kind strangers. We have explored ancient temples with their intricate carvings that whispered tales of forgotten deities, and we have marveled at the emerald embrace of the countryside, terraced with emerald rice paddies that shimmered under the sun.

The Balinese people welcomed us with open arms, their hospitality as warm as the frangipani blossoms that scented the air. Their infectious laughter and gentle spirits wove a spell of serenity, reminding us of the simple joys found in human connection. Each evening, we were mesmerized by the fiery sunsets, the sky ablaze with streaks of orange, pink, and purple, a breathtaking farewell to each day. 

And our nights were cradled in the lap of luxury, in stunning hotels that pampered us with infinity pools, fragrant incense, and impeccable service. 

Bali has been more than just a stop on our world wide tour; it's been a journey of the heart, a rediscovery of the beauty that exists in the world and within ourselves. As we leave, we carry a piece of this island paradise with us, a treasure trove of memories that will forever shimmer in the golden light of our hearts. I am sure we will return someday. However, tomorrow we head to Thailand!