Day #112 - Another Bali Bliss Sun Soaked Day

After the usual morning routines, we began today with the soft whisper of coconut palms swaying in the ocean breeze as we stepped onto the beach, right at the end of our garden path. The rhythmic motion of the sea tickled our feet and helped the waking up process. James as I mentioned yesterday, enjoys collecting seashells and this morning's walk proved to be very beneficial to his Bali treasures. 
Cowrie shells are some of the most recognizable finds, their smooth, porcelain-like surfaces gleaming in the sun, like miniature porcelain pearls. He's also got some cone shells, with their slender, elegant forms often with intricate geometric patterns. 

On our return, it was time for breakfast. At first glance it might look like a pancake feast (which to be fair, it was) but that wasn't what we ordered. It turns out our hosts interpretation of a cinnamon roll, turns out to be a pancake stuffed with apple and raisins, with a dusting of cinnamon. The other dish ordered was a banana pancake which arrived as expected. Toast and local fruits accompanied our pancakes, along with some chocolate sauce which arrived after the photo..
The rest of the morning was spent doing our usual pool/bed/Netflix routine - although we did pop out to reception to book an activity for tomorrow. We do like our villa so very much and so we do want to take the time to enjoy this period of quiet time together, especially after the busy Hard Rock Hotel. 
The afternoon melted (melted being most definitely the operative word) into a hazy reverie of poolside reading, scrolling and planning punctuated by refreshing dips and air conditioned hang outs. 
One aspect that you really begin to notice, especially as the evening draws in, is the absolute racket that is made by all the wildlife. During the day, birds singing in the trees and the odd cockerel call is cute; at night the deafening sound of the frogs and geckos is annoying. It is surprising how loud these little creatures can be! On first hearing them, we looked for a large animal matching the size of the noise, but when nothing was obvious, we did some googling and found out quite what these little fellas are capable of. No wonder Paul McCartney put the Frog Chorus together - perhaps add some geckos in the back for added bass!