Day #111 - Luxurious Laziness

Waking up in our private villa was lovely. To be able to head straight out of the bedroom door and into the beautiful pool, surrounded by such serenity, was amazing. 

We had a great night's sleep. Somehow just relocating seems to tire us out these days. So we were happy to take things nice and slow today. Having no plans, we dedicated the day to relaxing Bali style!

We alternated between being in the pool, to being beside the pool. When the humidity and heat got to us, we retreated inside to our air conditioned bedroom and watched some Netflix - literally Netflix and chill. 

Our day was punctuated by food, another one of our favourite activities! Lunch today saw us enjoying a chicken sandwich, some more of that strange potato soup and a chicken burrito. Again, all very delicious - washed down with a refreshing glass of fresh pineapple juice. 

We did walk eastwards along the beach this morning. It's a black shingle and pebble beach and the water is beautifully clear and, for once, warm! Dotted along the beach are a few properties but mainly it is scrubland that backs onto the beach and at regular intervals there is a collection of boats moored - some fishing boats, some for tourists and some personal boats. James engaged in some shell hunting and gathered a lovely collection of specimens (see tomorrow's post for more). 

Nothing much more to say about the day. We swam (well, paddled), ate, drank, chatted, slept and watched Netflix! Speaking of which, like a lot of people (according to social media) we got hooked on and subsequently binged watched Netflix's latest nonsense offering - Fool Me Once. Was quite entertaining.