Day #109 - Ode to the Towel - One Very Lazy Day!

Our last full day at The Hard Rock Hotel was another designated pool day. 
After yesterday's epic tour, we were surprisingly tired and by now, we had this pool business down to a tee. 
We settled ourselves once again, in the Chill Out Pool because it was much quieter but just to spice things up a bit we opted for a different daybed. I know - how rock 'n' roll of us!
What was even more shocking was the appearance (or non-appearance I should say) of the poolside poltergeist. Take a look at the video - conclusive proof I'd say!
Okay, a bit of wind might not be the most exciting thing to write about - but trust me, this was about as exciting as it got today!
We alternated our time between the daybed, the pool and the bar. That was until they closed the pool for cleaning! So we just had to go and have lunch - carbonara, satay sticks and spaghetti bolognaise. Yum! 
After lunch, I had to write the last two day's blog posts since I was behind and yesterday's (as I hope you appreciated) was a bit of an epic post! 
The evening saw us retire to the room for a film and a late dinner. James was very sweet and treated me to not one, but two lovely cakes from room service as we watched a childhood classic story. Not the most action packed of days today, but beautifully relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless!