Day #104 - A Pool, a Platter and a Pooch

Our first full day soaking up Bali's paradise and our unique hotel's hospitality began with an incredible breakfast buffet. As regular readers will know, James and I are experts at the buffet, but we do tend to get over excited and over do it! At this stage of our travels, we have made a conscious effort to ensure we moderate our buffet behaviour. 

Therefore, we enjoyed a modest breakfast of omelettes, sausages, baked beans and just because they were on offer, mushroom penne, pad thai and pork noodles! As I say, quite modest! 

Today was designated a pool day and thankfully the weather wasn't as hot as yesterday. We grabbed our towels from the pool-boy and found a quiet spot in the far corner of the mammoth pool to set up camp. 

The pool is incredible. One feature that I have never come across before is that part of the pool has a real sand floor! This means one moment your feet are on tiles, the next moment your toes are sinking into soft sand. Quite unique. The pool also features a "swim up" bar, something that I have always wanted to do. We didn't take advantage of this facility at this stage - better to wait for Happy Hour in the afternoon! 

We swam, we chatted, we dozed, we did all that you would expect for a pool day. 

Lunch was another lovely affair at the pool-side bistro. We shared a skewer platter with various meats on offer. Some of the marinades were definitely on the hotter side of spicy hot! Good job cool drinks were on hand and I felt some ice cream was in order to help calm our tongues down.

However, rather than go for a cool dessert, James opted for a starter - perhaps he thought we were starting the meal again!

The afternoon's pool time did see up make us of the swim up bar and Happy Hour but our time was rudely cut short by a very heavy thunderstorm, which saw everyone (including us) scrabbling to rescue their possessions lying on the sun loungers getting thoroughly drenched!

We headed back to the room chill and were greeted by a cute towel puppy! How adorable is this?

We watched a film too - Blue Beetle - which proved to be a slightly more engaging that your regular superhero origin movie. Not sure if it's worth making a second one though!

Being a Hard Rock hotel, there is a Hard Rock Cafe onsite and that was this evening's dining venue. 

The both of us had an excellent meal (tacos and a steak salad - you can guess who had what!) and we were too excited about the food that we forgot to take a photo - sorry. During the meal, 80's and 90's rock videos played on the screen making for an enjoyable trip down memory lane.

Back in the room, it was time to relax (could we be anymore relaxed?) and enjoy another film. This time an interesting true life story with a straight performance from Melissa McCarthy.