Day #99 - Sights & Spinning Bites

Our first full day in Australia - we had to go sightseeing! But first, we had to take care of ourselves and get a haircut. If we're going to be appearing in selfies next to famous landmarks, we need to look fabulous! 
So we rocked up to the barbers we checked out yesterday as they opened and were the first customers in the chairs! Good job too since we picked a popular barber and shortly after our arrival, other guys had turned up and would have to wait a while. 
Feeling fresh, we then swung by the supermarket (Aldi) for some supplies for our apartment. The Aldi here is quite different from those back home. Look how smart it looks!
With supplies in hand (or more accurately in a Bag for Life) we headed back to the apartment to draw up a plan for the day and how we were going to see the sights. In the end, we opted for the easiest thing to do when in a new city and want to see it all - jump on the tour bus! 
The classic Hop on - Hop off bus would serve us well, especially since we were able to secure a two day ticket and a trip out to Bondi Beach on one of the days (that'll be tomorrow). We started our trip just down from the hotel at the Australian Museum and then rode the bus on its one and half hour tour. We learned about the city's colonial history at Hyde Park Barracks and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The route also gave us glimpses of the vibrant neighborhoods of Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. We didn't hop off until we were near the Sydney Opera House. 
It was hard to take decent photos on the bus, but when we got off at the harbour, it was time to get to work! It was very crowded and there were lots of preparations being made for the famous New Years Eve fireworks. Nevertheless, I think we captured these iconic structures quite well, don't you?
We slowly wandered back to our hotel through the parks, taking a little time to admire the plants and statues. In particular there was a wonderful tree with a magnificent root structure. I also manage to capture some footage of the bats for you as I promised I would. 
Our evening meal was something special. We had booked to dine at the top of Sydney Sky Tower in their famous revolving restaurant to watch the sunset. As well as a wonderful buffet (and yes, we stuffed ourselves silly again and regretted it!) we were treated to the most magnificent views over the city as the sun set.

After dinner, I had arranged for us to meet an old online buddy of mine, Mike,  that I've been an e-penpal with for many years, who lives in Sydney. It was lovely to chat in person and introduce him to James. We had a lovely time over a few drinks and was a great end to another packed day.