Day #97 - Peaking at the End

Our last full day in New Zealand started with a bit of a lie in followed by a stunning drive up to Coronet Peak. The summit provides stunning vistas of the surrounding Southern Alps and the picturesque landscapes of the Queenstown region. 
It's renowned for its excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, but obviously at this time of year, skiing isn't an option. Instead the slopes give way to mountain bikers and the terraces to paragliding and parascending.  It's also popular destination for hikers.
After admiring the views, we took a drive back down and again marvelled at how spectacular this region is and how lucky we are to be here. 

On the way back, we stopped off at a garage to give the car a valet - our host family have been so generous in lending us their car for the week, it was the least we could do. The vacuum machine not only had a hose for sucking and vacuuming, it also had a little sprayer for fragrance - a choice of three even! Will modern wonders ever cease?!
Late afternoon saw us go on a walk that we promised to do soon after we arrived. This was our last chance! We headed up into the hills near to where we were staying to look over the ridge at the lake and some of the very expensive houses there. Needless to say, the views were stunning! I have become quite fascinated too by the plane that takes off nearby carrying skydivers up into the blue sky before timing its landing to pick up the next batch of daredevils. 
Our walk ended at the local golf club clubhouse were we met with Jo and Simon for a farewell meal together and to reflect on an amazing two weeks. It was a lovely to sit out in the warm evening sun and admire the view - can't see anyone getting bored of it! 
In the evening, we all settled down to watch a Christmas classic that divides opinion. Before we watched it, some were thinking it was a poor choice, others were keen. Afterwards we all agreed it was a wonderful film and made us all feel good. I think it's because its a multi-story film, everyone has their favourite moments - and we certainly talked over most of the film saying how much we liked this bit or that bit. The film? You've probably guessed. 

We were blessed also with yet another magnificent sunset. Very fitting for our last evening in this beautiful country.
 We have had such a wonderful time in New Zealand - so many memories. We have been so warmly welcomed by everyone and we've been so lucky to have been able to experience so much of what the country has to offer. We are also incredibly grateful to our hosts Jo and Simon and their children for allowing to stay with them the last two weeks over Christmas and for all that they have done for us to make this such a memorable stay. We've pledged to come back!