Day #85 - Family Friday

Yesterday saw us enjoying brilliant warm sunshine. So you know what that meant we woke up to today, right? Yep, the rain and grey skies had return. Luckily we didn't have much planned today, so that didn't bother us too much. 
First off, we had to take Jo and Simon's children to school - all to do with the logistics of borrow one of the family's cars for the day, which is incredibly generous. 
Children safely delivered, we then had appointments for a haircut. We were both looking a little bit like Robinson Crusoe's cousin and a well crafted trim was definitely overdue. 
We found a barber shop right up our street in town and I was looked after by the lovely Jack who, guess what? Comes from Bristol too. So we had a good natter about places that we both knew and what the similarities and differences between the two countries (UK and NZ) are. It is definitely true what the lady at the campervan centre said - it's rare to meet someone who was actually born and raised here! 
I let you be the judge of Jack's work, but I personally feel he did a great job.  Next we visited the very helpful Chloe who we met yesterday in the booking experience shop. She helped James book two more activities that he (we) wanted to do - both equally exciting and I can't wait to tell you all about them in good time. 
Back to the house for the afternoon for the next installment of The Hobbit Trilogy! Well, that was the plan. In liking up the streaming of the film, we came across a video blog from the director Peter Jackson instead of the making of the first Hobbit film. And so we watched that instead!

When the children came home from school,  James discovered our hosts have a keyboard and he turned into piano teacher for the evening! Was so lovely to see him being a big mentor.  
Friday evenings in this household means it's "Friday Fajitas" and we were delighted to be invited to join in, especially as you know by now, anything to do with Mexican food is right up James' street! Also, another tradition is to watch The Graham Norton Show and it was nice to watch some British TV after so long. Then after another spectacular sunset over the mountains, it was time for bed. 


  1. What a small world! Great hair cut as well.

  2. Aww thank you. Everyone here is from somewhere that's not here!


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