Day #100 - 100 Days Deep, We've Caught the Travel Bug & Maybe a Wave!

100 days! Wow! A hundred journeys, a hundred stories, a hundred sunsets painted across unfamiliar skies. It's been 100 days since we traded asphalt for cobblestones, swapped the daily grind for a symphony of sunsets and embraced the liberating uncertainty of a world map as our itinerary. Today, we stood on the sun-drenched shores of Bondi Beach, the turquoise waves whispering congratulations against the golden gleam of sand. Yeah - I may have got carried away there! 
Today we visited an icon not only of Sydney but also of Australia - Bondi Beach.
We took the bus ride to the beach (about 25 mins) and found ourselves looking out over the stunning views of one of the most famous beaches in the world. Being the weekend and the holiday season and being a beautiful day, it was inevitable that everyone else would be here too! This meant there was a party-like atmosphere with everyone enjoying the sun, sea and... surf! Yes, there were the classic Aussie surfers out in force with the famous Bondi-Beach lifeguards keeping an eye on everyone. 
We picked a spot to lie on the beach and take in the view and go for swims in the clear water. Yes, I went for a swim for once in the sea (it wasn't too cold!). 
We also enjoyed a lovely lunch in an Italian - some beautifully cooked ravioli and pizza. That wasn't the only delicious thing we saw.
In the evening, we went around to my friend Mike's place for drinks and nibbles. It was really good to have great conversation away from the noisey bar. Yes, we both are thoroughly embracing middle-age! 


  1. Wow 100 days, and what a way to spend it, Bondi beach looks amazing.
    Happy New Year to you both.

    1. It was great and thank you. Happy New Year to you too!🎉


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