Day #71 - Paradise Lost?

You might have picked up on the fact that both of us have fallen in love with our hotel in Bora-Bora. Not only are the overwater bungalows magical, but the sea and sand are picture perfect, the food is first class and the staff are so attentive and friendly. 
So saying farewell was always going to be sad, especially since this place meant so much to James. However, we both realise all things come to an end and it is time we moved on.
So we spent our last morning taking a dip and swim around our bungalow, ensuring the sun loungers around the pool didn't forget us and one last lap in the pool. Then it was time to catch our launch back to the airport. 

We were the only travellers on the boat for the 20 minute transfer so once again we felt like celebrities on a private boat as we sped past the magnificent islands and the impressive Otemanu.

A quick check-in at the airport and soon we were in the air heading back to Tahiti. We are staying here one night before our early morning flight to Auckland and guess where we're staying? That's right, we're back at the hotel we stayed in last week. It is such a lovely hotel it is great to be back - especially since some of the staff remembered us on arrival. 
This image from the 1962 movie
was usedd on our hotel cocktail menu

I forgot to mention when we were here last week that this location is connected to the events depicted in the book and the film "Mutiny on the Bounty. This is the infamous mutiny that took place aboard the HMS Bounty in 1789. The historical events behind the film trace back to Captain William Bligh's tyrannical leadership style, harsh discipline, and the crew's discontent during their mission to transport breadfruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies. Fletcher Christian, the ship's master's mate, eventually led a mutiny against Bligh, resulting in the captain and a loyal crew being set adrift in an open boat.
After the mutiny, the mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian, settled briefly in Tahiti, near Papeete not far from our hotel, before seeking a more secluded refuge on Pitcairn Island to escape legal consequences. Tahiti, including the vicinity of Papeete, is tied to the historical events surrounding the aftermath of the Bounty mutiny. Thought you'd like that history lesson!
In the evening, the hotel was hosting a private music concert featuring some semi-famous local band and so the main restaurant area was closed off to us, but we were able to dine in the upper function area affording us lovely sunset views across the bay. The band (whoever they were!) provided a pleasant enough soundtrack to our meal, speaking of which, you're dying to know what we had aren't you? Well here's the picture (not the most flattering foodie pic I've done, but hey ho!)
James had the chicken and linguine while I had the beautiful duck with a delicious sauce which I cannot for the life of me remember what it was (wasn't plum before you suggest).
After that, it was time for bed - the last hotel bed we'll be sleeping in this side of Christmas!
On and the theme of paradise lost.. with views like this (of the island of Moorea), I don't think so! Stunning.