Day #70 - Breakfast Like a King!

Spencer enjoying a swim around the bungalows
We are told that a rich life is one filled with memories and experiences rather than possessions and material goods. If that's the case (which I believe it is) then I just got a big rich deposit into the Bank of Life Experience this morning!
James had arranged, not for breakfast in bed, by breakfast by boat!

This really is the definition of decadence but such a memorable experience. As is always the case with the service and food at this hotel, everything was perfect and delicious. James had ordered all my favourites and we ate looking over the most perfect of views. It was a wonderful way to start our last full day here. We definitely breakfasted like kings. Not sure we will dine like paupers later though!
If you start your day with such extravagance, it's hard to know what to do next. Knowing that we couldn't top that, we opted for more pool time and more bungalow time. We wanted to savour as much of this resort as we could.
We did take a moment to wander along the hotel's section of beach to look at the shells and admire the sand and sea. I still cannot get over how clear the water is here and how pure the sand. The hotel staff even rake the sand in the morning before the guests hit the sun loungers!
I might have mentioned the fish before that swim in and around the overwater bungalows. They are attracted by the coral that has been encouraged to grow there via wire frames that are charged with a mild electric (solar) current which apparently stimulate coral growth and deters algae and crustaceans from forming. So we've always taken on the walk to and from our bungalow to watch the fish and admire their beauty - so many vibrant colours. Sorry the video doesn't do the sight justice. 
For the evening we went back to ir favourite restaurant outside of the hotel, the Bora Bora Beach Club. This is only a five minute walk away and we were impressed last time with their extensive menu and quality of the food. The beach side views help of course, especially at sunset.
James in the hotel lobby, ready for his night out!
As we left the hotel to head to the restaurant we popped across the road from our hotel to catch the sunset at the public beach (which is impeccable!). Although I failed to capture a decent sunset (you've seen too Many by now anyway) I did spot this magnificent plant in the beach's garden. No idea of what it's called. 
Once at the restaurant, I opted for the lamb while James had the beef. When it came to dessert the waitress recommended the lava cake that we had the other night. I said, that we could try something different else. Either she looked crestfallen that I wasn't going to take up her up on her suggestion or James was being mischievous, but he asked her for an alternative recommendation - and then promptly ordered both!
Tomorrow new month - new diet!😂