Day #68 - More of the Same!

"You could get use to this" someone recently commented on one of our posts. Well today, I think we proved them right by having another day in the resort, just hanging about, enjoying the amazing surroundings and taking in the ambiance of this incredibly relaxing place.

The weather has been a bit more overcast and windy at times, but still warm - in the high 20's, even up to 30°C. So we have spent most of the day in the bungalow, either lounging on the sun deck, swimming in the beautiful waters with the fish, or chilling watching a bit of French television (they do like their discussion programmes!). 

Of course we started the day with another amazing breakfast. What I really like about this hotel is that they keep things interesting by putting out something new each day. While the staple classics of a buffet breakfast are always there, they mix things up a bit each day. Yesterday I enjoyed a cute little mini-crepe stuffed with roasted apricot (devine). Today they had prepared a creamy, chilled rice pudding with fruit puree. Also there was a lovely marble chocolate cake (replacing yesterday's banana bread) and a sweet version of baked beans that has a mix of beans types and onions and another veg mixed up in it. Delicious needless to say.

Post-breakfast we headed to the bungalow for a chill beside the ocean. I read more of my book while James attended to some socials. I also took advantage of the last of the Black Friday deals and stocked up on a few audiobooks.
Before we knew where we were, it was lunchtime which today looked like a three cheese pizza and a samosa and spring roll board (we were sharing, don't worry).
More relaxing and chilling (reading, music, swimming, snoozing etc.) brought us to dinner. Doesn't time fly and why is it holiday time revolves around food?
Tonight we had soup (for the life of us I can't remember its flavour but it was delicious!), I had Peking pork while James had filet de bœuf.  Again all delicious. 
A surprise addition to our dining was the return of the Polynesian dance group from Saturday. This time they had to perform around the tables since the rain was coming down hard and the outdoor performance space wouldn't have been great for them. Because the restaurant has two dining areas, the dancers split themselves between the two areas. This highlighted that their moves weren't just improvised to the rhythm of the drums, it was a carefully choreographed dance since both sets of dancers were synchronised even though they couldn't see each other. To me this is impressive since it's easier to follow a dance routine when there is a tune or melody but when it's just rhythms and beats, the dancers have to be so much more aware of their movements a d timings. 
After all that energetic dance watching we were exhausted and so to bed. However it wasn't the most rest of of sleeps since we did have a tropical storm in the night, complete with thunder and lightning. Was quite spectacular watching while surrounded by water and the blackest of skies! 


  1. Omg. Day 68 already! Time really flies. I have to speedup ready since I haven't read you blog since disney I guess 🙈 I did read fb.
    But I really really like your side of the story too! 😍

    1. Aww thank you for reading. Yes, James is better with FB than I.


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