Day #67 - Busy Doing Nothing

Being in a luxurious, tropical paradise does mean there are certain rules to be followed. One of those being that you have to do absolutely nothing, enjoy your surroundings and be grateful for the opportunity to be here. So that is what today was all about!
After another glorious breakfast buffet, we settled in on a couple of sun-loungers beside the pool and that is pretty much where we stayed all day! 
I took time to read some of the books I have on the go on my Kindle and connect with some of you on socials, while James watched TED talks, did his socials and some posting. We both snoozed, drank and swam at regular intervals during the day which was bliss. 
We were joined at one point by this little fella:

For lunch, we did relocate to a restaurant almost next door to our hotel. From the outside it doesn't look like much, but inside it was cute and welcoming with a homely, beach-shack vibe. The saff were great and the pizza and burrito we had were really delicious and freshly made. 
After lunch, guess what, back to the pool for more of the same!
Before dinner, we did head back to our room to enjoy the facilities there and to swim off our private deck and see if we could identify any of the fish (we weren't very good!). 
Dinner itself was another wonderful experience and it was the first time we have dined in the hotel's restaurant in the evening and been able to experience their evening menu.. We were entered by live music from this duo who sang a collection of contemporary songs but with a Polynesian rhythm. They were very skilled at blending the songs together and you often found yourself recognising a tune but not being able to place it for a while. Let it Be by the Beatles played on a ukulele was surprisingly soulful!
We both opted for a lovely roasted broccoli and onion soup for a starter and while I went light for my main with a goat's cheese ravioli, James opted for the most tender and melt in your mouth steak. It was so good that he wanted to order it again for his Dessert - not joking! In fact he did order it again but the waitress thought he was joking and so didn't actually order it. James admitted in hindsight that it was probably for the best! Dessert was an "Excotic Bounty" lots of tropical flavours captured in a biscuit and mousse creation with pineapple sorbet. We were also treated to a sample of Pumpkin Cake which I believe the chef was experimenting with. 
And then to bed! A simple day, but simply perfect!