Day #62 - Poolside Paradise

Today marks the start of our third month on this amazing adventure and we're still going strong! We've settled into a nice little pattern on this leg of the trip: one day busy, next day chill. 
After yesterday's packed driving tour of the island, today was a  poolside day. 
We claimed our sun loungers nice and early - settled into our positions before nine o'clock, ready to enjoy the morning sun. After yesterday's drizzle, we took full advantage of the glorious morning sun and basked in its beautiful rays. 
We didn't have breakfast and so waited until the bar opened its snack service at half eleven for a mini-brunch. All the while we rotated through sunbathing, swimming blog writing and photo editing! It's tough work maintaining this blog you know!
Unlike the other day, today the pool was much busier. I think several parties arrive yesterday when we were out and about. 
I forgot to mention that the other day, our hotel played host to a group of teachers on a Teacher Education Day (InSET for UK readers). They were in the big conference room in the hotel and were engaged in lots of different activities based around Polynesian culture. I mention this because today's group was here for what appeared to be a speed dating event with some element of dance involved. Whatever it was, the participants were very excited and were busy scurrying around completing their various assignments. It made me miss the days when I hosted big training events. Red folder - red table, blue folder - blue table - those that know, know! 
We popped back to the room around midday only to find we couldn't get into our room! The keys had stopped working. Instantly, we both knew what this was about. When we made the original booking, we actually made two since the first plan was to stay in two different hotels. Having booked the first one (this one) we actually discovered that any other hotels on the island weren't worth relocating for and so we booked the rest of the week here. When we checked in on Saturday, we mentioned this to the receptionist who assured us that was ok and all was good. 
Well, it turns out no one had updated the computer and we had been locked out of our room for overstaying our first booking!
The very helpful receptionists helped us resolve the issue but it did mean we had to relocate rooms. We were assigned a new room in a different block. This mean we've now got a new view to keep us entertained and our in room jacuzzi has been replaced with a rather nice kitchenette with a washing machine - something that is needed this week!
For the evening, we once again dined in the hotel's restaurant with its lovely view out to sea. However, no photos of the delicious dishes this time - we were so excited by what we ordered, we forgot to capture them! So I instead here's a picture of this evening's sunset across the pool.