Day #60 - Nothing Spoils a Day in Paradise

There is an inherent problem with tropical islands: tropical climates. This means despite their sunny reputation and image, rain is an inevitable part of their identity.
And so today, we had to embrace the rain and overcast skies and enjoy other pleasures this amazing vacation can offer. 
We spent some time by the pool which, although it was drizzling, was still warm and refreshing. The outdoor jacuzzi also provided a relaxing experience, allowing us to reminisce on all the other hot tubs and jacuzzis we have sampled so far on this journey!
The weather meant that everyone else was either in their rooms or had headed out for the day, meaning the hotel resort was very quiet.
We had a late breakfast while watching the waves crash against the shoreline right in front of us. There is something about waves that means you just can't stop watching them when you start because the next one just might be bigger and more amazing than the last! The ones in this video aren't the biggest we saw - you can only stand there holding the camera for so long waiting for the next biggest wave!
Our hotel has a couple of cats as residents and like most cars, they believe they actually own the place! It's not unusual to see one of them resting on the stairwell bannister or under a sunlounger.
We spent part of the day planning our next few days and James has been amazing in putting together a great itinerary of things to do - can't wait! 
We dined in the hotel in the evening and enjoyed a cheeky ore-dinner cocktail and snack. The food (and drink) here is really good and the staff very helpful and friendly. Tonight's offerings: pate en croute, sweet potato curry, beautifully marinated steak with mash and three chocolate dessert. 
The restaurant I mentioned over looks the ocean and we dined as the waves provided a dramatic soundtrack to our meal. Occasionally the spray from their crashing flew up into the sky and shimmered in the light from the restaurant. Magical.
And like that, another day in paradise drew to a close.