#Day 59 - Tropical Tantalising Tahiti

Having our room so close to the sea is so wonderful, and this is the closest we have been to it so far. What I found quite relaxing is the sound of the crashing waves throughout the night. However the surf every now and again throws up a monster wave and the crash is so loud that the hotel almost seems to shake and the loud clap of the wave would stir me every now and again. 

We were told Sunday mornings the hotel restaurant offers an extravagant brunch facing Matavai Bay. They were right! With every kind of local delicacy, meats, fish, so many strange dishes and quite different to Hawaiian food. We were serenaded by the Kaino Trio singers, which gave the eating experience a very tropical Tahitian feel, and all underneath a tremendous tiki building.

We had decided we would take it easy today so we found some sun loungers. We had spent the most part of the trip in cars and sight seeing, so felt we needed to get some sun. At 26 degrees C -  the temperature was just right although a little bit too humid. Funnily enough I haven't been bitten by mosquitos at all on the entire trip. I think Spencer is my bait, as he has been eaten alive by them. The poor thing, I guess the mozzies think he is tastier.

For lunch we dined in the hotel restaurant. With only one choice of where to eat in the hotel and no food shop or nearby restaurants we knew it would have to be in the hotel. But the food is excellent. We shared a pizza for lunch but couldn't eat it all so took the remaining half to our room.

We decided we had to try out the jacuzzi in our room. As we filled it with water I poured 2 champagne glasses with whisky and lemonade as it was all we had in the room. I said to Spencer we need bubbles, so reached into the shower and grabbed the body wash to which he replied "That will taste awful in the drinks!" I burst out laughing and said "No the bubbles for the jacuzzi!" Too funny. 

Trying to take a selfie in a jacuzzi for the 2 of us is very difficult. Selfie stick propped up on a chair and suitcase did it. 

 After an afternoon catching up on missed sleep we went back to the poolside for cocktails and watched the sun go down. The colours of the sunset were incredible from our table, and seemed to get more and more intense. The mountains of Moorea Island I the distance making the view even more incredible.

For our evening meal wee went back to the hotel restaurant. Ive been sampling the steaks quite often on this trip. I ordered in French and the lady complimented me on my accent, those cocktails really do help loosen the French tongue! My steak was perfect and came with a purple coloured mash which was delicious but did not taste like potato at all. Spencer had the sweet potato curry which was also delicious. Followed by a fantastic creme brûlée. It was a great first day and so relaxing.