Day #54 - Cuts, Crabs and Cheesecake!

After our grand tour of the island yesterday, today was always going to be a day of relaxing and chilling. We also had a few personal things to take care of, number one being to get haircuts! After all, you want us to look presentable in all these selfies don't you?!

So after a leisurely start, we rocked up to a great barbers we had located in a nearby strip of shops, just behind the hotel and booked some appointments. We had a some time to kill before our appointments and so headed over to a local shopping precinct to pick up a few things. We were excited to enter our first Target store - a general large retailer that's kind of like Matalan crossed with Home Bargains - classy eh? We were after some basics like underwear, socks and new reading glasses since one pair of mine got stepped on during our last flight. 

We also took time to wander into some local clothing shops on the lookout for some new shorts and shirts because we're heading into more tropical locations soon and we think we could update our wardrobe a bit. However, we didn't find anything that we fell in love with enough to replace items we already have. Our tight luggage weight allowance means we have to try and stick to a "one in. one out" policy! 

Time came to head to the barbers, but they were running just a bit behind time. Conveniently, there was a bar just a few doors down! How handy! Despite its name, The Dolphin Spit Saloon was very friendly and served a nice refreshing beer which, although early in the day, was actually rather good!

Haircuts done, we wandered back to the hotel and then arranged to meet Jose for lunch at the bar and grill across the street from our hotel. We know the food there is great having dined there twice before. It is good to try new places when on holiday but this is sometimes held back when you find somewhere you know and had a good experience the first time! 

Jose joined us for a relaxed lunch overlooking the ocean and we chatted about everything you can imagine, and somethings you might not want to! 

After lunch the sun was so inviting that we headed to the beach in front of our hotel for some tanning time. We secured some sun loungers, grabbed some towels and settled down for a post lunch siesta in the sun.

Fast forward to the evening and all three of us headed to a restaurant that is about as close the the sea as you can get without it being actually in the sea! From our table, we were looking down at the rocks and the scuttling crabs, as the waves gently crashed on the shore. It made for a very relaxing ambiance since the sound of the waves provided a calming undertone to the gentle chatter of the diners. The restaurant also cleverly illuminated the shoreline which gave the ocean a beautiful enchanting feel to it and really shows off now clear the water was. 
The food needless to say was delicious but dessert has to have a special mention. I'll let the photo do the talking!