Day #48 - Momentum is Key

When I was training my personal training clients one of the matras I had was about momentum - the idea of consistency and moving forward. Well yesterday was the 50th blog post, so I am just going to take a moment to congratulate the two of us for keeping the momentum of this blog going and thank you for reading it. We've had so many lovely comments and feedback; so glad you're enjoying our travels as much as we are. As you can see, I celebrated with a cup of tea (yes, teabags brought from home!)

So, onto today. Our friend from yesterday stayed over so again a relaxed start to the day, but another lovely morning with stunning views across the valley. As we chatted over those morning cups of tea and coffee, we had more visitors just "walk on by"!

Lesson in camouflage - there are five turkeys to find!

A group of five wild turkeys (is there a minimum number of birds required for a flock? (A group of domesticated turkeys are called a rafter, apparently)). 

We headed out to brunch before midday, back to where we had breakfast the other day. This time we were accompanied by Aunty Sue's cousin, Wes. We talked a lot about the British Royal Family, the state of the world today, the economy and yes, of course we had all the answers! For my dish, I opted for a French toast ham sandwich. since, I hadn't had a French toast sandwich before either and so had to have one! It was delicious and I even went the extra hog and poured the maple syrup all over it which I know will repulse may Brits, but I have to confess, it did go rather well with the ham. 

On the way back I was really intrigued by the local waste collection system. Take a look at this:

As great as this is, I don't think it would work in the UK with the number of car lined streets we have and also, how about all the recycling boxes we have to put out these days! 

Later on that after, we headed back into  Columbia to see the town when it was open for business (if you recall, we went there the other day and everything had shut up shop for the day). 

It was nice to wander through some of the shops and also to visit the museum that had a really informative 22 minute video on the history of the town. I couldn't find that video online, but I did find this one:

We also stopped to enjoy a cream tea! Yes, even in the gold rush wild west, you can find a cream tea. We enjoyed lovely apricot scones with lemon curd and cream and of course, we had the cream or jam first debate. Needless to say whichever way we tried it, it was delicious. 
On the way back we again saw something that was worth a photo: this deer family, including the stag just wandering across people's gardens.