Day #47 - Hello Old Friend!

We started our day by sleeping in late. We had chatted until the early hours last night and we all needed a good night's sleep. It is funny how when the conversation flows, the time just flies! It wasn't helped by the fact we connected our phones to the television and were sharing YouTube clips of comedians or sketchies we liked. I've listed some of the ones we watched below, so you can get a flavour of the level of conversation - you've been warned!
So it was a slow start to the morning with a leisurely breakfast and coffee. Once again the weather was kind and we were treated to the most stunning view across the valley with the morning sunshine bathing it in a golden light that caressed every fold of the earth.
Above, hawks (I was informed they were Sharp-shinned Hawks) soared in ever higher circles as they caught the early thermals. I didn't manage to get a picture since my phone didn't charge overnight and it suddenly died on me! So hope the Wikipedia picture suffices!
We have been so lucky with the weather on our travels so far with only really one or two days of rain to speak of. Today was also a great sunny day with the temperature steadily rising to around 17°C (62°F for our American readers!). While not the dizzying heights of the Florida heat we experienced, it still made for a very pleasant day, especially with that blue sky. 
Because of our lazy later start, and also due to an old friend visiting, our plans to visit the impressive Congaree National Park nearby and the redwood trees, got shunted to another day. 
This also allowed me to join a virtual meeting for the It's in the Bag cancer support charity that I volunteer for. The team have been working on some exciting new projects and it was nice to see them via Zoom to catch up on the latest developments. At times like these, I always remember watching shows like Star Trek as a child and those moments when they "phoned" someone and talked to them via a big video screen. At the time, I remember thinking "that'll never happen" and of course, it's common place - you can do it in the palm of your hand and don't need a big spaceship sized computer with countless meaningless flashing lights to do it either!
So instead of heading out, we hung out! We enjoyed the view, relaxed and swam. Yes, James bravely swam in Aunty Sue's big pool whose waters were of a temperature perfect for penguins and arctic seals. James found it "refreshing"! Clothing was optional!
So here are some of the clips we shared the night before with Aunty Sue (some, well most, are explicit!)