Day #42 - The Big One!

I know that talking of "The Big One" may seem a little insensitive when writing about San Francisco, but today we visited The Golden Gate Bridge - the big one in terms of iconic places to visit. You cannot come to this city and not see the bridge, mainly because it does dominate many views across the city. 
Before we got the bridge, however, we started our day at Golden Gate Park. This is a sprawling oasis in the heart of San Francisco, larger than New York City's Central Park (which inspired it) and home to a diverse array of attractions, from museums and gardens to bison (which we didn't see) and redwood forests. 
One reason for visiting was to see the Japanese Tea Garden. By now, you will know James loves a Japanese garden and these were particularly delightful. They were subtly different to the Portland Japanese Gardens we say on Day #27  or the ones in Butchart Gardens on Day #32. These were in parts more refined, in others a little more "theme park". However, the specimens and layout were spectacular and we loved all the bridges and stepping stones across the water that connected all the parts of the garden. 
Since we hadn't done a big walk for a few days, we decided to walk the length of Golden Gate Park. This is about 3.5 miles long. It was a beautiful morning and so we weren't complaining! James also found a piano to do a little practicing on. I think the homeless guy enjoyed waking up to the beautiful sounds of Einaudi.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Beach Chalet Brewery (salad for me, lovely steak for James) before taking and Uber up to the bridge itself. 

There really are no words to use when you see something so familiar in reality. For me, I last saw the bridge in 1990 when I walked across (and got very cold!). Such an iconic structure is so familiar to us through film and television that seeing it in person is both a thrill mixed with a bit of "yeah, I know this"!. 
We stopped for the obligatory selfies and pictures as well as reading some of the informative plaques that are around that speak of its construction, its earthquake proofing and construction.
We caught an Uber back to the apartment but not without a little added bonus first! Our driver took the wrong lane leaving the bridge's visitors' centre and we ended up driving across the bridge which was wonderful. And then of course, we had to turn around and come back! Two free trips across the bridge - bonus! [Update: turns out our Uber driver charged us for the tolls across the bridge (2 x $9.40) so I'm disputing that one - his mistake; he can pay!).  UPDATE: I complained to Uber and got the tolls refunded. So worth taking the time to dispute these things. 
In the evening we were once again joined by our friends Jose and Javier for dinner. Jose was very kind and made us some spectacular soup using the leftovers from yesterday's meal. No photos I'm afraid since we ate it all up before I had a chance. Plus, soup never makes for an interesting photograph!
He also shared with us his favourite Mexican beer - Modelo Chelada Especial, which apparently is a unique take on the classic Mexican cocktail, Chelada (beer and lime). Beer and lime is good. This "unique take" add tomato and the result is quite unique to say the least! 


  1. Definitely not your toll to pay. Cheeky!

    1. They refunded when I complained! Result. :-)


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