Day #39 - SF on the DL

View from our apartment
This might be the shorted entry into our travel blog yet! 

Today was a pure chill and hangout day. We didn't even leave the apartment! I spent time dealing with life admin and a few things to do with my fitness business, while James dealt with things he needed to get on top of. 

We both knew there would be days like this on the trip. You can't go full steam ahead for four and a half months without taking time out! What we probably hadn't anticipated is that when we did take the foot off the accelerator, we would crash so much! I think we both benefited from being still, being calm and being chilled. 

It did give up time however to think about the next stage of our travels and how we are wanting to spend our days here in California. Since both of us have been here before, there isn't the usual pressure to see everything - although, admittedly, things will have changed in the 25 years or so since I was last here.  Nevertheless, the pressure to rush out and do all the sightseeing isn't there which gives our days a different dynamic. 

I didn't even take any photos from today to share (except for that apartment view) - don't think I posted to Instagram either today! How lazy! 

So I will have to make do with sharing this image:

We took this yesterday and couldn't resist posing and having fun with this street sign - well you would, wouldn't you?!