Day #23 - Check in; Check out.

Travelling day! The one aspect I, like many others, find weary about travelling, is well the travelling bit! By that I mean the packing (although I do have a not so secret fetish for packing cubes and all things travel sized), the admin, the getting to the airport, checking in, bag drop, the plane journey, baggage claim...and so on! It does seem that the whole day is easily taken up with getting from A to B.
Of course, we now can get from A to B much faster and easier than our grandparents did and for that we must be grateful. There are those that do say we have lost something in our desire to get somewhere quickly - that we miss out on the wonders en-route and the joy in travel itself.
However for me, travelling as we do today is often stressful, confusing and tiresome! Apologies if I seem ungrateful for the fantastic opportunity I am experiencing right now by the way! 
Today's journey was a simple flight from Fort Lauderdale into Miami airport to Seattle. The flight is around six hours and we headed west which meant we moved back through the time zones making for a longer day. We were grateful to fall into our lovely hotel bed! 
Here's an odd thing - what's wrong with these?
What's wrong with my airplane milk?
I know Americans like "creamer" in their coffee and are a big fan of CoffeeMate, so I don't always expect to get real milk with a tea or a coffee, especially on an aircraft. However, this particular brand proudly states that it is "made from cow's milk".  I wondered what the other ingredients were, so flipping it over I read that it was made from 100% UHT reduced fat milk (10%). In other words IT'S MILK. It's not made from cow's milk IT IS COW'S MILK!!! Grrr. Victor Meldrew moment over.
Tonight's hotel is just the airport hotel since we are only staying one night. In fact, for the next week or so, most of our hotel stays are one nighters and we travel around the northwestern corner of the US and into the southwestern part of Canada. I grabbed these pics from the hotel's website and I have to stay they did an excellent job of making it look attractive! Still they had a small pool and gym so that was good - plus a rather gernerous breakfast buffet so we were able to stock up for the day!