Day #22 - It's My Birthday & I'll Chill if I Want To!

I don't think I've ever had a birthday abroad before, so this is something new! It's very nice to be able to totally relax and spend the day chilling and hanging out. 
Our resort hotel is the perfect place for that with its courtyards and pools (four of them) surrounded by lush vegetation. It's also very quite here, no passing traffic to speak of, so you can really float away into serenity in the pool!

After a relaxed breakfast, we headed out to walk along the beach and take in its breathtaking length - over 24 miles of beaches here! Not only that, but due to over 300 miles of canals and waterways, Fort Lauderdale is often nicknamed "Venice of America". We just stuck to the beach which had the most wonderful soft sand and the ocean was, as you can see, a beautiful colour. However, what the photo doesn't show is how bloody hot it was! With no shade, the heat was unrelenting, but we survived!
Lunch was a very simple affair, but in a lovely beach front restaurant that looked out to the sky, sea and sand. Someone happened to mention it was a special day, and so they brought me a very nice special dessert. I was being good and had ordered salad for my main, so my good intentions were kind of overwritten by this lovely dessert!
The afternoon's activity was actually work - well, work for James. He had booked in two models for a photoshoot and so we drove over to their house to meet them and take some pictures. James is in his element when he is directing a shoot and it's wonderful to watch how the models relax into it and open themselves up to having their personalities captured in an image. 
The house they guys live in is beautiful and they had a lovely swimming pool out the back that made for some great action shots. When James has processed them, I'll hopefully come back to this blog article and share some of them with you. 
In the meantime, here's a shot with me with them - my birthday photo! haha