Day #10 - Hotel Safari

Yesterday was all about chilling. Today was going to be all about adventure as we had planned to head out of Disney and go to Volcano Bay - Universal's water park. However, the weather forecast last night for today was showing thunderstorms all day. So we decided to ave a lie in this morning and have a day at the hotel.  And so that's what we did!

The day started with a great breakfast at the Boma restaurant for an all you could eat buffet comprising of 79 items! Omelettes, pastries, carved ham, fresh fruit and turkey bobotie (a type of South African quiche) and the amazing French toast bread pudding (yes, for breakfast!).

As with all the resort restaurants the theming is amazing. We were eating under thatched roofs and hanging blankets with lights that really caught my eye - like upturned pitcher plants. The staff were as friendly and as welcoming as always and because we were first in, we were greeted with a lovely line up from all the servers - made us feel special!

Later that morning, we explored the hotel to see what animals we could spot - a photographic safari if you like. All the areas of the hotel are surrounded by the "savanna" and a collection of animals are allowed to roam freely. There are barriers to prevent them coming too close to the guests, but you have to look hard to spot them. 

The rest of the day was spent by the pool, lounging in the hot tub and generally taking it easy. The TV in the room hooks up easily to the Netflix and Disney+ and so when the evening came, we settled in for some cheesy romcom and great take out food! 

Let me sign off this day's post with some photos of the animals we saw on our hotel safari.

and a few more of the hotel.