Day #09 - Hoop -Dee -Doo & Chill

After six straight days of Disney parks, it was time to have a change of pace today and just chill. We are staying in a magnificent hotel that deserves to be enjoyed and enjoy it we will. 
After a lovely lie-in in super comfortable beds and a simple breakfast, we hit the gym for a good mini-workout. For both of us, not being in a gym for over a week has been tough and it was great to get back to doing some form of exercise other than walking! Although hotel gyms tend to be small and limited, the fitness centre here has a reasonable range of kit so it was easy to do a balanced upper body workout (we're doing another theme park tomorrow, so blasting legs wouldn't be a good idea!).
One piece of equipment that they had that we hadn't missed was some weighing scales. Inevitably, with the processed American food I've been enjoying over the past 10 days has taken its toll - 3kg gain for me. Hopefully that'll come off once we leave the theme parks behind us and get back to more regularly eating.
Speaking of food, mid-afternoon meant it was time to head over to the Magic Kingdom (what again?!). However, this time we're weren't entering the park right away, we were there just to catch a boat over the Fort Wilderness for the Hoop-de-Doo revue in the Pioneer Hall.
We had a thoroughly enjoyable time! This is a favourite of many who come to Disney and getting hold of tickets is an art in itself - but we managed to get ourselves booked in for this this Wild West dinner show with southern country dishes. So, I've probably added another 3kg!🤣
This dinner revue show is a favourite with many DisneyWorld fans and it was certainly a high spirited affair with jokes as corny and a fast following as the cornbread and ribs! James and I even shared the spotlight as we were singled out as overseas visitors!
It was such good fun and definately of those many Disney moments when you have to shake of that British reserve and just let it pull you along with its happy enthusiasm!
After stuffing ourselves silly with ribs, chicken and strawberry shortcake (didn't I learn anything from that 3kg weight gain?) we made our way back to Magic Kingdom to sit quietly and patiently for the evening fireworks.
Despite both of us having seen Disney firework shows before, I can honestly say they get better and better. The synchronicity between the pyrotechnics and music is amazing and now add into the mix, lasers, searchlights and mapped projections. There was one moment when a solitary green ball-like firework gracefully arced its way across the sky and seemed to land on the castle and become a projected star right in the middle of the central turret. Truly magical.