Day #07 - Lights, Camera, Action - Take Two!

I am sure there is a clever opening line involving "call backs", "retakes" or "pick up shots" somewhere out there I could be using, but I'll just go with: today we returned to Hollywood Studios because the crowd level predictor suggested it would be a quieter day for the park. So off we went again. 
It only seems like yesterday we were strolling up Hollywood Boulevard towards Mann's Chinese Theatre... oh wait!
Today's objective was to visit the attractions we didn't experience yesterday and maybe experience a few of them again. 
So immediately on entering the park we headed to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Was a bit of a queue first thing but the morning sun was so strong we were grateful for the cool of the waiting area. It has to be said, that with each new attraction that Disney create, their queuing and loading areas are really well done - interesting, themed with a high level of detail and (probably because of the need to accommodate all the mobility scooters) nice wide lanes so you don't feel too claustrophobic!
The ride itself was amazing. I feel out at the loading system and how it is integrated so well into the interior of the Millennium Falcon. I really wanted to sit down at that Space-Chess board! 
Each rider is given a role when you get into the Falcon's cockpit. James and I were pilots and unlike some other rides, our actions really do influence the ride experience. We had to control the path of the ship as it went on its mission and we did have to apologise to our fellow passengers as it took us a while to get the hang of things. It was rather bumpy for them!🤣
The Flight Controls
Nevertheless we succeeded in our mission (was there ever any doubt?!) And we received a Smuggler's rating of 34% which I don't think was too bad for novice pilots!🤣 At least I got to pull the famous hyperspace lever and initiate the jump to lightspeed!
After such a hectic mission it was time to refuel on some pizza (really cute size too so good not to be overdoing it) before enjoying the Muppet Vision 3D show. This was one I saw back in the day and it's still fresh and clever today - perhaps because the Muppets (and puppeteers) are closer to the original Muppets than the newer shows that they make. Some good gags and quick pace made for a very entertaining show.
Next up we sang our hearts out in a sing-a-long show. There are a few of these around the parks and they are really good fun. The one we enjoyed this time was Frozen and while you'd expect lots of little girls in their princess outfits to be attending (no comments please - we were wearing all black today remember and on the Dark Side!) There were enough quick jokes aimed at the adults in the room to keep the show from being too saccharin. The performers as always gave it their all - as did we. Let it go! Let it go!....🤣🎶
The queues for the other attractions we wanted to see today were a bit too long for our liking so we decided it was time for a poolside siesta for the afternoon. The Skyliner cable car really does make it a breeze to come back to the hotel resort and take time out to recharge. We both took a dip in the hot tub in the middle of the day which was surprising refreshing despite being boiled like a lobster!
A view across the lake at our resort. We are staying in the left hand part of the complex with the pink roofs on the left. In the middle is the main complex with the fun pool, hot tub, restaurant and bar.
At the time of writing, not sure what we'll do this evening... I'll keep you posted!