Day #06 - Lights, Camera, Action - Take 1!

Our fifth full day at DisneyWorld centred around the Hollywood Studios park. This park aimed to recreate a romantic Golden Age of Hollywood, somewhere between 1930 and 1950. This is quite a small park compared to the others but nonetheless, so much to do, including some big ticket attractions new to both of us. 

We kicked off our day with the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. This really hasn't changed in all these years. It's still thrilling, still epic and still entertaining. The ending didn't see the bad guy getting chopped up by the airplane propeller like it used to. I am not sure if that's been taken out permanently or something just removed for the short time.

A quick trip around the Galaxy with Star Tours - again, updated since I last rode it. This time around, it was C3P0 that was trying to rescue a bad situation. Why is it these things never go to plan?!
Speaking of things not going to plan, next up was the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - a vertical drop ride which has some of the best theming of any ride (or so I thought). The hotel lobby is incredible - for an abandoned hotel look that is!
There was time before lunch to take in show and this time it was Beauty and the Beast in 25 mins. While they gave spirited performances and held onto the essence of the show, it did feel rather rushed and the transformation scene at the end was so disappointing - high school productions do it better! Still, it's still a story we share a love of and we are adding that version to the others we've shared together.
Lunch today was at a drive in movie - 1950's style! While excerpts of really bad B sci-fi movies played, we dined in the back seat of a 50's convertible, enjoying a classic burger,  chicken sandwich and delicious ice cream milkshakes.
After lunch it was time for a big hitter and the attraction I've been most excited about: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. 
The new Galaxy's Edge part of the park is outstanding. Remember what I said earlier about theming? Well this blows all other attractions' styling out of the park (or should that be universe?!)
The whole area is beautifully and loving created with exceptional attention to detail. Everywhere you look you see something unusual. It really is like you're in the Star Wars universe.
As for the ride itself, I didn't fail to live up to expectations and even though I knew most of what was about to happen, it still surprised and enthralled me. Definitely going to try and ride it again when we visit tomorrow. 
And with that, we headed back to our resort for a rest before the evening activities - which was to be the Magic Kingdom's fireworks. But you've guessed it, the rain came back and we decided to stay in, war cookies and watch a movie. Jumanji if you're still reading!🤣