Day #03 - Magical Kingdom

Today was all about racking up the Disney factor by 200%! Time to visit the iconic Magic Kingdom park and hit every Disney cliche we could! 

It meant an early start to hit a big ride before the crowds got too much and so we arrived at Space Mountain to report for lift off. Really nice to ride this again after all these years - hasn't changed much, although the flying cookies had gone (or maybe eaten by aliens!). 

The Carousel of Progress is another classic ride and was great to see this again with a new final scene that tried to keep it relevant - although with the rate of technological progress these days, I suspect it will look dated very soon. 

Keeping with the classics, we headed over to The Jungle Cruise next. Nothing much has changed here (a few tweaks to some scenes). Our skipper's script wasn't the best we've heard, but enjoyable nonetheless. 

We made it a trilogy of classics with Big Thunder Mountain next. We enjoyed a nice bit of banter with some seasoned Disney visitors of a certain age while we hurtled around the track. 
I'm rather pleased with this shot!
As we headed over to our next destination, we caught some of the parade which was really cool. How the performers keep going in the heat, I'll never know! Was lovely to see Beast leading the parade - such a magnificent character! 
It's a Small World was next on the schedule which of course, was as cheesy as ever. We did suffer the song longer than normal due to something breaking down ahead of us, so we endured/enjoyed the song for what seemed like forever!!!
The Tiki Room proved to be just as enjoyable and a good sing-a-long plus a healthy dose of air conditioning since the temperature was definitely rising! 

We couldn't get onto Tron - the big new attraction at Magic Kingdom, so we started our journey back for a mid afternoon siesta and swim, not before enjoying the privileges of a Memory Maker photographer and got some professional couple shots in front of the Cinderella's Castle. I hope you enjoy them.


  1. so cute! But I miss the cinderella shoots...or am I to impatient?


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