Day #01 - And Away We Go!

After months of planning and even longer dreaming, the day has finally come when we hand our lives over to a (hopefully) well crafted itinerary and begin the adventure of a lifetime (this blog is going to be filled with clichés so you might as well get used to it now!)

So... I am typing this as we sit in the departure lounge at Gatwick airport (London) for our first flight that will take us to Orlando, Florida. The USA is the first of 10 countries on our trip so I am excited to have a well stamped passport at the end of this!😂 You can see the full list of intended destinations on the Itinerary page
I've not taken a long haul flight for about 25 years so it's going to be a challenge to sit still for that long, especially since my travelling companion will no doubt fall sleep the moment the wheels leave the ground! So I have my Kindle fully loaded, the tunes downloaded, earpods fully charged and will see if my rather expensive neck cushion lives up to its Amazon reviews!

I look around the airport. It's a busy place, full of people from all over the world. There are families with young children, young couples on romantic getaways, and solo travellers - and the odd middle aged couple like us. Everyone is here for their own reasons, but we're all here for the same thing: to experience new things and have new adventures.

I can't lie - I'm feeling a mix of emotions right now. I'm really excited to start our trip, but I'm also a little bit nervous because it's so epic! I've never travelled this far and for this long before and with so many new and different experiences. I am so grateful to my loving and generous partner James for making this a possibility and for organising it all. He is truly amazing and I am loving our journey together so far. This really is a wonderful once in a lifetime trip and I know how lucky and privileged I am. Thank you my love. 

I'm also really grateful for this opportunity. I'm so lucky to be able to travel the world and experience new cultures. I know this is going to be an amazing trip, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Also a big thank you to Scott for driving us to the airport. He did an amazing job of giving us a five star start to our epic adventure- really appreciate mate. ❤️


  1. Waaahhhh!!! Very exciting! How was the flight? Did you cushion do his work? And was James even a little bit awake (no high hopes here)? Love to read more!

    1. I tried to get my cushion in the right place for a snooze but couldn't quite manage it. James managed a doze on the nine hour flight. Glad you like the posts! 👍

  2. yes! please keep it coming! all though....I slacked because of the lovely post on FB.


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